Whip It (2009)

Has Anyone Ever Thrown Up on the Track Before?

Director: Drew Barrymore

Cast: Ellen Page, Kristen Wiig, Alia Shawkat, Jimmy Fallon

Genre: Drama/Comedy

Type: Independent

Running Time: 111 minutes


Whip It is Drew Barrymore’s directorial debut . Her experience in the film industry spans some 30 years (she is 35) and it pays off in her directing ability. The film features Ellen Page (Juno), Alia Shawkat (Amreeka), Juliette Lewis (Cape Fear) , Kristen Wiig (Saturday Night Live), Eve (Barbershop), Jimmy Fallon (Saturday Night Live), Marcia Gay Harden (Mystic River) and Drew Barrymore herself as aggressive Smashley Simpson.

Whip It is the heartfelt  and entertaining coming of age story of Bliss Cavendar (Page), who is looking for something of substance in her life. She is shy and introverted, but yearning for something exciting and new. She finds what she is looking for when she joins the roller derby team as her alter ego ‘Babe Ruthless’ among the likes of Bloody Holly (Zoe Bell) and Rosa Sparks (Eve). She experiences the ups and downs of trying to establish a place where you belong. Page delivers a good and believable performance as misfit Bliss. Shawkat (relatively unknown…for now) does a soild job as Bliss’ best friend Pash. She is natural, believable and magnetic. Her next film is The Runaways (2010) with Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning.

The Long & Short: Relive the highs and lows of being young and unsure of your place in the world. Whip It will make you laugh, smile, cry and cheer for your team.

My Recommendation: Watch on your own or with your best friend for full enjoyment.

Favourite Scene:  When Bliss pushes the mean girl over the staircase railing. Bad girl hilarity.

Verdict:  A+


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