Chloe (2010)

I Guess I’ve Always Been Good With Words

Director: Atom Egoyan

Cast: Amanda Seyfried, Julianne Moore, Liam Neeson, Max Theriot

Genre: Romance/Drama/Thriller

Type: Independent

Running Time: 96 minutes

Rated R (for strong sexual content including graphic dialogue, nudity and language)

I see Chloë (Seyfried) run into the building that matches Catherine’s (Moore) eye-line and my first thought is “high class call-girl“. Sure enough, I’m right.

Catherine Stewart hires Chloë to sort of test her husbands fidelity. You see, she loves him quite desperately but somehow the trust and desire has managed to slip away, like grains of sand, from their marriage. Hiring a call-girl seemed like the only thing she could do to find out honestly for herself whether her husband has been following his lingering eye.

Chloë is breathtakingly beautiful, young and feminine. To top it off, she oozes sexual appeal. However, somewhere underneath that young minx glamour, is something more uncertain. The arrangement made between Catherine and Chloë  no longer relies on the money, but something else. Something else that Chloe has her eye on. Egoyan explores the mechanisms, complications and ultimate power of sexual allure in this provocative turn that much resembles Fatal Attraction, but with relationships between women.

Chloe is quiet, but outspoken and speaks of her sexual rendezvous so matter-of-factly, it is as though she were merely asking a neighbour for a bit of sugar. Although younger than Catherine, Chloe is far more experienced and attuned to herself, to say the least. She is highly perceptive and intuitive, and furthermore, determined – a deadly combination for a young woman who wants something she can’t have.

The film flows with grace, sensuality and beauty…until it approaches the end. I personally found it unsatisfying and found myself asking a “What?-Why?”. However, later on, I felt that this is a film with several levels that you can’t simply ignore and just expect a straightforward conclusion.

Seyfried was flawless. I say that with confidence because it is true. Who would have known that the girl who once said, “If you’re from Africa…why are you white?”  (Mean Girls, 2004) would have climbed mountains higher in six years time than some of her fellow cast mates? She truly grasped and more importantly, committed, to the disconnected-yet-affected character of Chloe. And honestly, her beauty is unbelievable and so feminine- take a look below.

The Long and Short: This is this generation’s Fatal Attraction (Adrian Lyne, 1987).

My Recommendation: Watch alone, or with someone else who appreciates this kind of film.

Favourite Scene: Chloe’s emotional (& mental) breakdown in the doctor’s office. You can see the madness in her eyes.

Verdict:   A


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