So, I’ve been wondering.

I love movies…more than my reality that’s for sure. But I found myself questioning today “what is the point of this blog?” I mean there is a solid chance that hardly anybody ever reads it and/or cares. Heartbreaking thought. I mean, I see that people visit, but no one ever comments or subscribes. In the end, I am doing this for me.

People often get thoroughly annoyed with me because all I ever seem to talk about is movies and the actors’ performances and how “it was just so original and remarkable” and this and that. So, I decided to just blab away here. It’s a new outlet, I guess. In the end that’s what important- that I have a place to blab, where no one will roll their eyes at me with blatant boredom. I mean, you probably are rolling your eyes at the stuff I say, but at least it’s not face to face. Thanks for that!

I also just want to improve my writing and what I like to call my creative lava juices.


One thought on “BlahBlahBlah

  1. Don’t fret. Nobody reads my book blog either — but I like to let the “creative lava juices” flow on the off chance that some other book lover will stumble upon it and be up for a discussion. Your blog looks really professional though, my friend (: Keep up the great work!

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