Valentine’s Day (2009)

Be My Valentine?

Director: Garry Marshall

Cast: Jennifer Garner, Ashton Kutcher, Emma Roberts, Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift, Hector Elizondo, Julia Roberts, Jessica Biel, Jamie Foxx, Eric Dane, Bradley Cooper, Queen Latifah, Topher Grace, Anne Hathaway

Genre: Romance/ Comedy

Type: Mainstream

Running Time: 124 minutes


My first impression was that this movie was trying desperately hard to be the next Love, Actually (Richard Curtis, 2003).

It was just way too star-studded (you might as well call it The American Flag) and the stories for the most part lacked some sense of continuity, minus one or two. Of course, we all love seeing our favourite stars all on the same screen, but I found it hard to follow at times. Call me slow! I don’t care. Hector Elizondo and Queen Latifah were among what I felt were the least outrageous and  gave more grounded, natural performances. You want to keep it cool, right? Not over the top. Love, Actually, like Valentine’s Day, also represents the many versions of love-struck people, but it keeps it very real and somehow more heartwarming than Valentine’s Day.

However! All was not lost. By the end, stories start to come together and a few tug at your heart strings and you will surely find yourself going “Awww” at least once.

By far, the highlight was Queen Latifah’s “KNEEL TO NZINGA!” Of course we could never expect her to lack in the comedy department.

The Long and Short: Stick to Love, Actually.

My Recommendation: This is one of those movies you can really enjoy with your closest girlfriends, reminiscing and eating pizza. (I for one have definitely done the whole “burn a boy’s name on a piece of paper” thing with my friends).

Favourite Scene: KNEEL TO NZINGA!

Verdict:   C+


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