Freaks and Geeks

Freaks and Geeks. The name says it all & that’s exactly how I like it- succinct & straight to the point. Not like, for example, The Secret Life of the American Teenager (which, quite frankly, truly isn’t so secret and the incidents that occur on the show do not just apply to American teens. So, stupid title).

A show about freaks and geeks dealing with high school. Original, funny & relatable. If you were/are an outcast in high school/college, this show particularly appeals to you for your enjoyment. Features some of today’s talent such as James Franco, Jason Segel and Seth Rogen.  Of course, these names are the give away that Judd Apatow wrote and directed a few of the episodes in the series.

Personally, I tend to enjoy the shows that do not discuss the hell that is high school through the eyes of the rich, beautiful and popular, but rather the outcasts and ‘oddities’ who carry so much more character. It’s a shame this show only lasted a year (1999-2000), despite rave reviews.

If you can, I highly recommend you get your hands on this short-lived, but colourful  TV show.



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