Every time I remember this movie, my heart stops and I get incredibly anxious. For me, this is the most anticipated movie of the year (as I said on my  coming soon page).  I’ve been stalking it for more than a year now. Whether that’s because of the exceptional cast (DiCaprio, Caine, Watanabe, Haas, Murphy, Page, Gordon-Levitt, Cotillard) or because of the amazing director (Nolan), or maybe a combination of those two and the unique plot, I don’t know. I’m just dying to see it. This is a movie I know I will have to go and see alone because if I go with people, I guarantee I will get annoyed. Just like how I got annoyed with people when we went to see District 9. They kept laughing instead of appreciating the quality of the plot and the genius behind it. *Sigh. I just really hope it doesn’t disappoint *knock on wood.

By the way, I actually always go to the movies by myself. I really don’t like rounding people up to go & I enjoy my own company. Especially because I just take it so much more seriously than others. I’ll go with people if it’s a silly action flick or something like that. Or a comedy like Superbad or Pineapple Express (which, ha, I did see alone). But when it’s damn good, I just have to enjoy it by myself, in the most secluded corner of the theatre. I am the poster girl for anti-socialism.

Anyways, soon, Inception will be here.



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