An Eclipse review is nearing.

So, I just wanted to let you know how excited I am to finally watch The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, so I can freely pick apart each and every detail, possibly in disgust.

I have an epic love/hate relationship with the mess that is Twilight. It is my guilty pleasure, and oh how the guilt haunts me. I hate it, but yet, I can’t look away. I wonder if there’s voodoo in Meyer’s words? It would explain what draws us in…because, it certainly isn’t the plot (highly unoriginal-there are better stories out there *True Blood, The Vampire Diaries*) or the writing. WHAT IS IT, TWILIGHT? WHAT DO YOU WANT (BESIDES THE OBVIOUS WORLD DOMINATION)?

Anyways, we will see how Eclipse fairs in the mind of tiffthegreat. In fact, I should write a review on the first two film instalments. And just so you know, I actually saw the first one TWELVE times at the cinema. I am now two years wiser, needless to say.

How do you guys feel about it? I know there are the hardcore Twihards, and the hardcore Twihaters out there. Remember! We are all entitled to our own opinions.




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