Inception (2010)

“If we are gonna perform Inception, we need IMAGINATION”

Director: Christopher Nolan

Cast: Leonardo DiCaprio, Ellen Page, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Cillian Murphy, Michael Caine, Marion Cotillard, Tom Hardy, Ken Watanabe, Lukas Haas

Genre: Sci-Fi/ Thriller/ Mystery/ Action/ Drama

Type: Mainstream

Running Time: 148 minutes


OK, I don’t even know where to start with this.

I waited just over a year for this movie. Everyday, scouring all resources to find new information. Not a drop of juice was leaked. Finally, the movie came to me. It was on a Wednesday. I showed up an hour and a bit early, to make sure I got the seat I wanted (of course, the most secluded corner possible). I waited, and waited some more, through painful after painful cheap Jamaican commercial ( “Wata with WOW!”) and then finally…the lights dimmed, the score music amplified, diCaprio’s on the screen. It’s begun. I’m in heaven.

I saw this movie three times. After the first sitting, I thought “Oh my God! Oh my God? THAT WAS AMAZING….WAIT, what happened exactly? *confusion. THAT WAS AMAZING! But seriously…what the heck happened???”  After the second sitting, I was able to follow along and everything started to click and make sense. All the things they said in all the different sequences in the movie finally started to come together- in the beginning when Cobb was talking about a “virus”, the stability of dreams, Inception itself. Now, I could think about the complexities of writing such a script, to conceptualize such an idea. I had to see it again. After the third sitting, I was more or less finally at peace. Until I own the DVD, I will probably never completely be at ease. I loved this. I loved it. There are no other words to describe how I feel.

I am a huge DiCaprio fan. HUGE. The man is a monumental inspiration to all. Every time I watch a movie with him in it, I am amazed. When I watch a movie with him in it, I feel like, this movie is all that matters in the world. This emotion, this story. Every notion, every blink of an eye. A work of art. (I mean, really, that’s how it is with every actor I greatly admire). He is the reason I knew about Inception for as long as I did. But, he is not the reason I love this movie. Just to make that clear. This movie, is a fantastical and successful concoction of themes, dreams, the chemistry among the cast members, and finally, the mind-boggling, inconceivable plot. Nolan is a genius. A mastermind without a doubt. I mean, Memento was amazing and entirely original, but this…this has no words. Memento was really just a taste. Of course, he did spend about ten years putting this thing together, and his hard work shows.

It was interesting to watch DiCaprio in such an active role, repelling down buildings, running from bad guys, strangling people. Even at such a successful stage of his ongoing (thank God!) career, DiCaprio knows how to change it up and remind us of his versatility, his chameleon abilities. I am also a HUGE fan of JGL. Seriously, ever since he did Manic, I’ve been a hardcore supporter of everything he’s done.  I’m happy to see him dive into such a great mainstream film. His fight scene (completely throwing off your perception of stability), was so smooth. It almost like he was swimming underwater. He is cool and suave as Arthur. And, he looks damn good in a shirt, vest and tie.

Like I said though, this movie reached far beyond its actors.  The magnitude of the imaginings of Nolan’s mind is a hard pill to swallow, but its after effect is ecstasy. The visuals were flawless. The concepts were seamless. This movie…was near perfection. I say near because I don’t want to jinx anything. You can tell how carefully it was put together, how carefully each moment was thought through. Basically, you can tell the director cares. Not even just the director, but everyone who took part in creating this movie- the cinematographer, the sound editor, everyone.

I don’t want to tell you the plot because I don’t want to give it away. I want you to see it and find out for yourself. In a sentence, Cobb (DiCaprio) assembles a skilled team to infiltrate a man’s mind to put an idea there (“inception”) because that is the only way he can finally go home to his kids. There is also a sweetly emotional facet of the story surrounding Cobb, his wife Mal, and his kids. The ending will have some sort of effect on you, that’s for sure. Fortunately, me telling you this bit of information actually tells you nothing about how they go about inception, the lack of convention in architecture and gravity, or how it begins or how it ends. You have to trust Nolan. You do. You have to trust every word he has written and you have to trust the characters when they speak them. You have to listen. You have to focus. If you do, you won’t get lost in limbo. This movie raises all kinds of questions about the mind. The next time you dream, it won’t be the same. Ever realize how your dreams never really have a beginning? Stay calm. Breathe.

The Long and Short: Inception supersedes all conventional notions of place and time. It will rock your mind, to put it simply. You will laugh, and think hard, and dream big. I don’t want to jump the gun here, but Nolan has to get some kind of nomination for this screenplay. Has to.

My Recommendation: Definitely see this movie. Watch it again and again. It’s one for the ages.

Favourite Scene: Arthur’s gravity defying combat scene.

Verdict: A+



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