Safe House (2012)

Time’s a-wasting. Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock…

Director: Daniel Espinosa

Cast: Denzel Washington, Ryan Reynolds, Vera Farmiga, Brendan Gleeson

Genre: Action

Type: Mainstream

Rated R

Running Time: 115 minutes

Let me start by saying this- I love Denzel Washington. Then again, who doesn’t? If you don’t, I implore you to leave a comment explaining why because I personally cannot fathom a single reason why anyone would not love this man.

You can expect that classy one-of-a-kind character and voice that Washington breathes into many of his characters. If there was any character I would compare his role in this film as rogue agent Tobin Frost, it would to be his character Detective Alonzo Harris in Training Day (Antoine Fuqua, 2001). Except Frost has more acceptable morals, but is still just as bad ass and clever.

The plot is like many other films, but Washington and Reynolds simply bring it to life with an ease you have to appreciate, since nowadays clearly there are fewer and fewer actors who can pull this feat off successfully. Frost is a rogue agent seeking to expose criminals within the federal agency and Reynold’s character, Matt Weston, finds himself dragged into the middle of it whilst trying to prove himself as capable in the field.

The Long and Short: The acting is believable (also very rare in the sadly disappointing films of this generation-GOD HELP US) and the action is high octane and unrelenting- prepare yourself for extreme gun play and explosions. I wouldn’t exactly call it a thrill ride, but you will feel as nervous and anxious as Weston does in the presence of Frost. You can count on it. We all know Washington is just that good.

My Recommendation: This is a good action movie to watch with friends or even by yourself.

Favourite Scene: Every scene where Denzel did his signature serious face, particularly while being interrogated.

Verdict: B+


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