The Lucky One (2012)

You should be kissed every day, every hour, every minute

Director: Scott Hicks

Cast: Zac Efron, Taylor Schilling, Blythe Danner

Genre: Drama

Type: Mainstream

Rated PG 13

Running Time: 101 minutes

Alright, alright ladies (and perhaps even a few gents)! Let’s be honest here. The majority of us only discovered this Nicholas Sparks fellow when The Notebook destroyed our souls in that epic heartbreaking summer of 2004. Ever since then, I think we’ve expected a certain calibre of ‘The Epic Love Story’ to be told. I mean after all, people were calling The Notebook ‘the new Titanic’ (now…I don’t know about that one, personally…pretty bold I’d say).

We’ve gotten some classic movies about love thanks to Sparks (cue Message In A Bottle, 1999). However, to be honest you, The Lucky One is not one of them in my books.

The plot centres around Efron’s character, Logan. Logan is back in the U.S. after having done three tours with the U.S. Marines, so naturally, his soul is tortured from war. He sets off on an impromptu journey to find the girl (Taylor Schilling) in a photograph he found while at war. From here, we can all figure out what happens next. Yes, that’s correct. They fall in love with a few hiccups along the way. Some very (unintentionally hilarious dramatized hiccups).

The soul of the film (unfortunately) seems to stem from stylized medium close-up shots of Efron’s “pained” military-man-back-from-war facial expressions. I feel like now is an appropriate opportunity for me to say this- I do not think Efron is a bad actor. I don’t. I just think he (or his agent or whatever) need to pick better roles for him that showcases his staying power beyond “Dreamy Boy Wonder”. He’s growing up, and while he has managed to slowly but surely shed his High School Musical cloak somewhat, I think he’s still lingering on a plateau.

Taylor Schilling…is a very new face. I like new faces. And she wasn’t too painful to watch. She had her moments here and there. Blythe Danner, of course, did well in her role and played it both cool and entertaining. Oh how I love her.

Basically, my overall opinion is this: Wait until it premieres on cable. We are still in an economic slump, people. So, save your money.



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