TMR Updates

Hey, my (imaginary) readers!

I’ve been watching sooo many new movies lately I can hardly keep track. Every time I watch a new movie I tend to jot down notes in a little black book for review later.

A bunch of new reviews including but not limited to Looper (2012), The Perks of Being A Wallflower (2012), Argo (2012), Flight (2012) and On The Road (2012) will be coming your way over the next few days! I apologize for the little hiatus. It’s been a little difficult to get writing in with my job, studying for the GRE, and trying to complete a business certificate.

I’ve also been doing my usual research into industry trends, changes, mergers, acquisitions, and upcoming movies. I’ve got a lot of new trailers to add! Including the new Warm Bodies (2013) trailer, hoorah!

On October 5th, I celebrated the 3 year anniversary of this blog with a little glass of pinot grigio and a cheers to my computer. While it doesn’t seem to get a lot of traffic, since clearly all my friends on Twitter choose not to click my pathetic links to this blog, I’m incredibly proud of it and the fact that I stick with it. More importantly, I love it. It’s a great outlet.

So, that’s my little update for today! Check back soon for new reviews 🙂

Keep on watching those movies.



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